Accelerated MPH Frequently Asked Questions

The Accelerated MPH (Master of Public Health) application process is complex and highly individualized. It is your responsibility to understand the requirements, policies, and deadlines so that you may successfully enroll and graduate from the program. This page provides an overview of the program and application, and below are answers to the most common questions we receive about the program. 

Frequently Asked Questions about the Accelerated MPH Program

What is the deadline to apply to the Bachelor’s/Accelerated MPH?

Students may apply to the accelerated MPH program on a rolling basis, but it is recommended that applications are fully complete and submitted by: 

  • Spring semester admit: November 1      

  • Fall semester admit: August 1 

If I am denied into the Bachelor’s/Accelerated MPH, can I apply to the MPH through the SOPHAS application?

The Bachelor’s/Accelerated MPH is reserved for Mason’s most highly qualified undergraduate students. If you do not qualify for the program, or if your application was denied, you can still apply to the MPH program through the SOPHAS application. Learn more


I am not a current Mason undergraduate. Am I eligible for the Bachelor’s/Accelerated MPH?

The Bachelor’s/Accelerated MPH is only for current Mason undergraduates. All others may apply to the MPH program through SOPHAS. Learn more

Do I have to be a Community Health major to apply for the Bachelor’s/Accelerated MPH?

We accept applications for the Bachelor’s/Accelerated MPH from any major. Applicants must have taken the required prerequisites. 

What are the required prerequisites to apply for the Bachelor’s/Accelerated MPH?

Before you apply to the Bachelor’s/Accelerated MPH, you must have: 

  • Taken at least 60 credits. 

  • Earned a GPA (Graduate Professional Average) of 3.25 or above. 

  • Taken the following courses: GCH 300, a Mason Core Quantitative Reasoning course, and ENGH 302 Advanced Composition (waived for Honors College Students) 



What happens once I’m admitted into the Bachelor’s/Accelerated MPH program?

Once you have at least 75 credits, you may take graduate courses for either Advanced Standing or Reserve Credit. Speak with your undergraduate academic advisor for guidance on course planning.

How many credits of the MPH program are required for Accelerated students?

All MPH students – accelerated and non-accelerated – complete all 42 credits of the MPH program.

All MPH students – accelerated and non-accelerated – complete all 42 credits of the MPH program. 

Accelerated students complete between 1 and 6 MPH classes while still an undergraduate. Some of the graduate courses students take while an undergraduate may double-count for both undergrad and grad requirements, called Advanced Standing. Please see this document for the classes you can take in Advanced Standing. 

What happens when I have completed my undergraduate coursework?

The semester in which you will complete your undergraduate coursework, you will: 
1. Apply to graduate in Patriot Web. 
2. Work with your undergraduate advisor to complete the Bachelor’s/Accelerated Transition form. 

The Bachelor’s/Accelerated Transition form is due to your advisor by the following dates: 

  • Fall graduates: October 1 
  • Spring graduates: March 1
  • Summer graduates: July 1 

Refer to the Office of Graduate Admissions Accelerated Master’s webpage for more information. 

Who should I contact for more information?

Who you should contact depends on your question. 

For questions about eligibility or courses to take while an undergraduate, contact your undergraduate advisor. 

For questions about the MPH program requirements overall, contact Ms. Sarah Liu

For general application questions, contact the Office of Graduate Admissions

Can I delay my undergraduate graduation to complete more graduate courses?

No. Accelerated master's students must apply to graduate and have their degree conferred from their undergraduate program in the semester during which their final undergraduate degree requirements are fulfilled. 

What if I decide that the Accelerated MPH program is not for me?

You do not have to transition into the MPH program after completing your undergraduate degree. 

Please note: 

  • You may defer your admission to the MPH program for up to one semester.  

  • Graduate courses taken in Advanced Standing are part of the undergraduate record and may not be used for graduate courses if you return to Mason for graduate studies at a later date.