Physical Activity in Public Health, Minor

Numerous chronic conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and depression, can be prevented, delayed, or managed with proper physical activity.  

The 18 credit minor in physical activity and public health offers students the opportunity to learn about the impacts of physical activity on health. Students learn to advocate for policy and systems changes at the population level, improving public health and enabling equitable opportunities to enjoy physically active lives.  

Who Should Minor in Physical Activity and Public Health? 

The minor is designed for students who are interested in physical activity, well-being, public health, and health behaviors. The minor will add value to any major, but it is particularly relevant to students majoring in biology, kinesiology, nursing, psychology, public administration, and recreation management. 

Required Courses 

  • KINE 110: Physical Activity and Wellness 
  • KINE 260: Behavior Modification for Physical Activity 
  • GCH 300: Intro to Public Health 
  • GCH 376: Health Ethics, Leadership, and Advocacy 
  • GCH 410: Physical Activity and Public Health 
  • GCH 466: Physical Activity in Public Health Capstone 

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