Non-Degree Admissions

What is Non-degree Admissions?

Non-degree status enables students to enroll in courses for which they are qualified without seeking formal admission to a degree program. Non-degree admission does not guarantee enrollment in any specific course or future degree program. Students may apply to non-degree undergraduate or non-degree graduate status depending on eligibility. Enrollment in specific courses is based on eligibility criteria and availability of space in courses.

All non-degree applicants must complete a non-degree online application by the stated deadline through the Office of Admissions. For detailed information regarding non-degree admission policies and procedures, please see the University Catalog.

Undergraduate non-degree students can seek academic advising through the Office of Academic Advising, and graduate non-degree students should contact the appropriate program coordinator with any advising needs.


  • A student cannot graduate or receive a degree while in non-degree status.
  • Non-Degree graduate students may not register for classes numbered 800 or higher.
  • There are limits on the number of credits students can transfer from non-degree status into a degree program. Most programs only allow up to 9 credits.
  • International students are typically not admitted in non-degree status with the exception of students in the INTO Mason program.