MPH Program of Study

Degree Requirements

Degree requirements are designated by the academic year during which they were published in the University Catalog. Students are responsible for meeting the degree requirements that were stipulated in the catalog year of their matriculation into the program. Degree requirements for the current academic year are listed below. Degree requirements from previous academic years can be found in archived catalogs or in previous graduate student handbooks.

Program of Study

The MPH Program is 42 credits. This includes:

  • 7 courses (21 credits) in the MPH core
  • 5 courses (15 credits) in each concentration
  • 1 elective (3 credits)
  • practicum (3 credits)


  • All core courses are available both online and in-person.
  • Summer courses are offered online only in a compressed (5- or 8-week) format.
  • For all MPH concentrations except Health Equity and Social Justice, on-campus/in-seat classes are held Monday through Thursday either in the late afternoon (4:30–7:10 pm) or in the evening (7:20–10:00 pm).
  • The Health Equity and Social Justice concentration classes, taught by faculty in the Department of Social Work, may be held Monday through Friday during the day (e.g., 10:30 am or 1:30 pm).

Students may take classes on a part-time or full-time basis, but must complete all program requirements within six years of enrollment. Most students complete the program in 2 or 3 years.

Integrative Learning Experience

MPH students complete an integrative learning experience (ILE) that demonstrates synthesis of foundational and concentration competencies.

Students, in consultation with faculty, select foundational and concentration-specific competencies appropriate to the student’s educational and professional goals; demonstrating synthesis and integration requires more than one foundational and one concentration competency. 

As part of the ILE requirement, the student produces a high-quality written product that is appropriate for the student’s educational and professional objectives.

The ILE requirement is part of a student’s concentration course. Students must take this course in their FINAL fall or spring semester. The assigned courses are: 

 Concentration  ILE Course
Community Health Promotion  GCH 620: Public Health Promotion Strategies 
Epidemiology  GCH 824: Advanced Data Analysis for Epidemiologic Research 
Food Security and Nutrition  NUTR 608: Food Security 
Global Health  GCH 650: Global Non-Communicable Disease
Health Equity and Social Justice  SOCW 710: Behavioral Health Interventions Across Systems
Health Policy  HAP 793: Final Project in Applied Health Policy 
Public Health Practice (fully online) GCH 720: Public Health Problems in a Changing Society

Students in catalog years prior to 2022-2023 completed their ILE requirement with the practicum. 

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